Our Rabbit

Garden renovations for our rabbit

About two years ago, we decided to rescue a rabbit. I must be honest and say that it was not a exactly a rescue. We bought our rabbit (Peter) from a dodgy breeder who had hundreds of bunny living in a small little cage. So to me, it feet like we rescued him.

We brought him home and he spent his first night in a cardboard box. This was the last day that he was confined to any small space. The next day we bought him a rabbit hutch, but not to lock him up in, just a space for him to eat and feel safe, we actually ended up removing the hutch door. Our bunny has free run of our back garden. He settled into his new space quickly and also very quickly claimed our garden as his own little kingdom.

The only thing that I was worried about was the fact that he lived in a concrete garden. His garden is still far better than where he come from but I still waited our precious bunny to have grass.

Two years down the road, we finally made the decision to get a contractor in to break up a section of concrete in our garden and plant lawn…

Have a look at the video below to see how it went!

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