My First YouTube Vlog Post

vloggingYoutuber, Vloggers, Video Blog… Just 2 years ago, I never really knew what these terms were… I obviously knew about YouTube and that there are many great videos on YouTube but the world of video blogging was foreign to me.

After watching the South African movie Spud, I came across Troy Sivan. Troy is a South African born (now living is Australia) actor/singer who took the lead role in Spud. Troy was also the first youtuber that I subscribed to. Through watching Troy’s channel, I discovered Caspar Lee, (Caspar, if you ever read this blog post, just know that I got the spelling of your name right! If you are a fan of Caspar, you will appreciate why I am saying this!) also a South African born youtuber who now lives in the United Kingdom. Again, through watching Caspar, I discovered Joe Sugg, a British youtuber.

Each of these youtubers post a weekly video that I could not wait to see every week… I have since subscribed to many other youtubers who are in the Caspar & Joe circle of friends who still keep me entertained in my spare time.

Early in 2016, I started following an American youtuber, Roman Atwood… Roman become runs a very successful daily vlog channel which gets over 1 million views for every video that he posts. Roman and his family entertain his 9 157 840+ subscribers with fun family activities, crazy stunts and general madness.

Recently, I started following a legend of a vlogger, Casey Neistat. Besides Casey’s entertaining vlogs, he also has crazy video editing skills. He is extremely creative and has an pays extreme attention to detail.

All have the above youtubers have inspired me to go ahead and start my own YouTube channel. At first I doubted myself… Who would watch my channel? But after being inspired on a daily basis by these legendary youtubers, I decided to take the plunge and just do it!

After deciding to start recording, I never got as far as actually picking up a camera and recording. I felt extremely intimidated at the thought of talking to a camera. I eventually realised that we all have to start somewhere and if I don’t actually pick up a camera and record, I never will. So I got into my car “to go shopping”, put my smart phone into a cradle and recorded a short intro about myself and explained the plans for my channel.

I must admit, it was scary. It just felt strange talking to myself. But with that said I am glad that I did it… I am more excited now than ever before to make more videos. Many idea’s for video topics are flowing through my head, now I must just record them, and I will!

There are a few issues that are standing in my way… These include not having decent recording equipment and not knowing how to edit videos. But just as they are issues, they also aren’t issues. I have a Samsung S5 which I will record with for now and I have video editing software that I am learning how to use.

I know that the quality of my first video is not great. But I have learned from my weak points and will improve as I go along. When the time is right, I will get better recording equipment and produce better picture quality. When it comes to my editing skills… I am sure that like a good wine will get better with time!

So I would like to welcome you to “Dale Goodwin Blogs/Vlogs”. Please stick around and help me grow into an inspirational blogger/vlogger/youtuber such as the youtubers who have inspired me.

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Here is my 1st video!



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